Pickle Slicer
Rue Rue
3 stages House, bedroom, Hall court

Psych. Please pass sugar bitch
110 positions
Tonights the night
Fart Hearing Aide
Won't order F Pancakes
Anyone here want to screw
12 Inch Pianist
Why ask two dogs screwing
Want to buy toothbrush
11th floor Blood Sperm
Not back in Kroger
I don't think I'd told that
Budwiser test-Clysdale
Mailman give dollar
Blond Police breathalizer
What if swallow - Wardrobe
Rodeo Sex
Piano Tryout - I wrote it
Do the Penguine
Tastes like Vanilla
Get Baby no get cloths

Level 2
Harley -Vaceline Dishes
Ben - Ilene Bartender
Sas Station - wife won
Gwen& Lancerlot Awwww
Warm your ears
Too Sweet
3 bets - Pee on bar
Whiskey Age Pee how old
Barbara's Handwiting
Tex Goldberg
I'm a lesbian too
Teach old blue Read & talk
Died in refrigerrator
Me know how - want chance
Fat lady - Leather Couch
Hillbilly forplay
Padoka - worst F-knows
Take off my bra & pants
Not because color -18
Don't have that much shit
Quit drawing dirt pic
Mother gave bullet
Island -screw Cindy Crawford
Jumped a little at first

Levl 3
Neal Brown - Neal Down
Quit drawing dirt Pic
Ben - Eileen - Kiss Ass
Farmer Shotgun sex wife
Pigs in truck blowing horn
Grasshopper named Bob
Guess what thinking - elk Dick
Pig Squeeled
Divorced - Brother & sis Ky
How many lanes
Feels good still broke thumb
Bob the helper - Just 1
Dem - Horse Thief  Republican
2 Boggie Killed Wife
Parot - Jesus sees sorry
Want to buy toothbrush
Wax Job ears
What is red flower called - restaurant

Women Vs. Men
Dif pit bull PMS Lipstick
Dif Terorist and PMS Reason
Lick Eybrows
Tennis Ball garden Hose

Paakeet Died - Gas
Foo Shits
Camel in desert 100 miles
Camel ride to town
Dog - stick it to you
Call Vet  Water broom call
NO mention sheep no baby
Gorilla roof shoot dog
Know I'm a bull
Rooster Point buzzard point up
Memorial first lay - Baaa
Frog - Best Sex - talking frog
Aligator - mouth open

Drag Harry
3 gotch's
Loft Problem

Angel Christmas Tree
Olive the other raindeer

Hallow Statue
It's the plumber
How - scrambled
falling rock
Always be a Vegetable
Face Rings a Bell
Dead ringer for brother
Man Brick - Dog
Only have to outrun you
Making fun of him
Booze tea cup - Nun
Hit my Hand
Died kiss ully punish
Whine Flordia
That's one
Five Women He's sing
Only when I laugh
Had a car like that once
Want to buy a toothbrush
Change you underwear
100,000 bill 999,990 screw
2 obese paddies
Monastery No talk 5 yr.
Everone knows Joe
4th July in France
Bury woman living - west Miss
Hang man wooden leg
Legal to marry widows sister
11,  14  Can't tell a joke